ACU Athletics Prospect Questionnaires

Thank you for your interest in Abilene Christian University athletics. Please fill out the appropriate questionnaire below to submit your information into our recruiting database.30452

Please note that per NCAA rules, ACU coaches are prohibited from contacting interested prospective student-athletes via email or phone until their junior year of high school. However, prospective high school students can always make phone calls to coaches, as long as the call is initiated by the prospect and is at the prospect’s expense. Additionally, prospective student-athletes may visit ACU's campus anytime at their own expense.

All prospective student-athletes planning to play Division I or II athletics must also register with the NCAA Eligibility Center prior to enrollment at their selected institution. Prospective student-athletes can register at the beginning of their sophomore year in high school.

If you have any questions about recruiting rules or NCAA legislation please contact the ACU Compliance Office at 325-674-2330.

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